Dr. Adam Gross, Ph.D., MBA

SPL for Research & Statistical Analysis

Dr. Gross has three main subject areas in which he brings value to sports-oriented organizations. The first area is Positive Psychology. Dr. Gross uses tools to build players' hope, optimism, resilience, and self-efficacy to reach their full potential on and off the court. Dr. Gross utilizes Grit and Growth Mindset to focus on a player's strengths instead of focusing on areas needing improvement.

Dr. Gross uses positive psychological interventions to facilitate team building for the team and the organization. He also assists sports organization through the use of positive psychological interventions to bring change from the bottom up and promote positive and healthy work environments. Positive and progressive interventions help organizations thrive, participants and staff to share their voices, enhance well-being, and engagement.

As a lifelong learning, Dr. Gross recently completed a post-graduate certificate in data science from the University of Texas Austin. This exceptional credential allows him to support organizations and individuals with data science, statistics, and machine learning for player selection, assessment, and analysis. The benefits are that teams can select the best players available based on computer models based and statistical analysis. Using stats, teams can assess their player's Grit, perseverance, or their performance. When the coaching staff or the front office watches a game film, data can be gathered from the film that can be fed to a computer for machine learning to take place.

Once the analyses have been completed, a coach or an analyst can mark off the court and show where a player should be taking their shots. The calculations can tell owners what kinds of players to recruit based upon data, the culture fit of their organization, and the required talent of the team. Using stats simplifies the selection of players because it assesses their skills in real-time, and the computer learns to make predictions based on that skill set. Dr. Gross has extensive experiences providing instruction in statistics and data analysis for Nonprofit executives, Doctoral and Master’s students, and coaches, which allows him to communicate his stats knowledge to any end-user regardless of education level.

Dr. Gross worked in the finance department of a nonprofit soccer club that promoted high-quality play on the field and had a rigorous academic component. Dr. Gross has been in nonprofit accounting for five years and is a seasoned accounting and finance professional He has also turned around mismanaged organizations as a CFO and has helped organizations change and become more profitable. Dr. Gross has also taught accounting and financial literacy at various nonprofits that serve underserved communities. The following is a list of the areas Dr. Gross can work with your leadership team:

* He can work with your finance team to establish or sustain your accounting system. 

* He can help with making your organization grow and become more profitable through cost-cutting and cost-saving measures. 

* He can improve processes that shorten the time and improve workflow. 

* He can also help with bookkeeping, businesses startups, succession planning, and doing your business plan. 

* He can support multi-million-dollar budgeting processes and other financial analyses.

"The Difference Between the Impossible and the Possible Lies in a Person's Determination." – Tommy Lasorda

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