Dr. Dwayne B. "Doc" Thomas, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Learning Strategist

Dr. Dwayne B. Thomas, Ph.D. Dr. Thomas (Doc), is the Founder and Chief Learning Strategist for Thomas Leadership Solutions, LLC and the Academic, Coaching, Enrichment, & Sports (ACES) Network. He received his Doctorate from The Florida State University, while serving as the Florida Department of Education’s Physical Activity and Health Promotion Specialist. 

He is a Harvard University trained Scholar-Practitioner-Leader, with more than 30 years in the service of Education, Sports, and Business. His passion is connecting Youth, Community, and Organizational Leadership at the International, National, Regional, State, and Local levels. Executive Leadership is a participatory process where executives receive top-quality leadership instruction, empower each other by sharing experiences, their views on leadership, case studies, and leadership best practices to learn valuable lessons to increase the value and efficiencies of their organizations and the unique leadership situations involved. 

"It's my belief that a organization or group has to be intentional about becoming a successful team, that a great budget or material resources, without recognition of the humanity of leadership, does not make an organization of its groups great, and that those organizations and groups that makes the best use of its available human (people) and material resources, are the foundation for a success, and the making of a team." - Dr. Dwayne B. "Doc" Thomas, Ph.D.

"The Difference Between the Impossible and the Possible Lies in a Person's Determination." – Tommy Lasorda

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