The Sporting Chance

The Sporting Chance

The Sporting Chance

ACES Scholar-Practitioner-Leaders collaborate with members of the Justice and Restorative Justice systems to bridge the gap between human and material resources shortages, skillfully combine research, best practices, and experiential learning techniques to amplify your strengths and streamline your learning. Our Sporting Chance Program is directly tied to responding to, reducing, and eradicating the vestiges of the School to Prison pipeline (STP). Practical, realistic, measurable, timely, achievable, and specific programs and services are required to impact the STP and the institutions that benefit the most from the STP.

The ACES-N and Sporting Chance Program, goes beyond giving young men and women second chances. We give you direct and indirect instruction, support, and network opportunities in the Sports Industry. If you are seeking ways to remove the stigma of Justice Involved activities from your past, seeking a career, not just a job, and have a passion for sports and physical activity-based lifestyles, then the Sporting Chance program is for you. 

The Sporting Chance program is the brainchild of our Founder and Chief Learning Strategist, Dr. Thomas. Doc created the first support program at the Boston Pre-Release Center in 2017 as a part of his volunteer leadership experiences through Jubilee Christian Center in the Mattapan section of Boston. Justice Involved individuals can use the power of sports as a vehicle to transform and bring positivity to their life.

* Prepare for transitioning back to your community or a new community

* Learn skills that are sustainable

* Build a network of support for persistence and success

* Learn the rules of the Games, the business of the Games, from People in the Games

* Develop tools and strategies for operating and leading the Games, and

* Get connected with key leaders and mentors in the Sports Industry.

New Cohorts and sessions for individuals are starting soon. Individuals with Child Abuse or Sex Offender designations CANNOT participate in this program. For more information on costs and participation, please contact us.

"The Difference Between the Impossible and the Possible Lies in a Person's Determination." – Tommy Lasorda

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